Angelo De Alban is an advocate, a lawyer and an educator.

     Born in Manila to a father from Isabela and a mother from Ilocos Norte, Angelo grew up in Bulacan surrounded by less fortunate people whose lives reflected hardships. This early eye-opener inspired him to study hard to prove to everyone that education is one of the keys to improvement.

     After becoming a lawyer in 2007, Angelo taught in University of Santo Tomas different law courses and provided litigation services in courts for the under-privileged around the country, especially for OFWs, teachers, security guards and public transportation drivers. His clients’ profiles exposed him to different abuses committed against the hardworking members of the economic sector.  His law practice strengthened his belief in the power of the ordinary people against all odds to bring about improvement around the country.

     In 2019, Angelo De Alban intends to serve the public consistent with his advocacies on bio-health, agriculture and education. He would be the voice of the ordinary people often neglected because of under representation. He intends to be their champion at a time when the Philippines is facing crisis, one after the other—a divided nation, a country threatened with terrorism, a high inflation rate and rising cost of living.

     Angelo’s dream is to unite all Filipinos under a promise of better tomorrow through an integrated education system without any corruption and unnecessary workload, a comprehensive health service available and affordable for everyone and a nationwide agriculture structure to ensure quality and quantity for the growing population.

     Angelo and his wife, Shao, just got married last January and are proud expectant parents of their first child this coming November.

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