Frequently Asked Questions

NOW, I’M HERE. HOW DO I BECOME TALL AND BIG? Relax. Part of knowing how to stand tall and fight big is knowing my advocacy, which is well… 98% of everything. Why are you in a rush anyway?

UMM, BECAUSE I’M TIRED OF BEING BULLIED AND NEGLECTED. Of course! Me, too! That’s why my advocacy is to bring about improvement on key areas, which have high impact on the people who are usually neglected and disregarded. I want to be their voice. I know their problems, their disappointments, their sufferings. I know their language. I am one of them.

YOU MEAN, YOU WANT CHANGE? ​Change is an uncertain term. It could be for better or worse. Many people promised change, look where we are now–worse than before. My advocacy is to improve. I’ve observed and experienced the ordinary Filipinos’ life. I don’t want to just change it. I want to improve it–not just in a given locality or province but nationwide.

DUDE, NATIONWIDE? I’ve been going around the Philippines–talking to everyone along the way and observing their way of life. The problems in the Luzon are the same as those in Visayas and Mindanao. Though we are geographically apart, our problems are the same.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I brave heavy rains, hurdle flood, encounter traffic, high prices, dodge criminality and encounter almost everything that the common Filipinos experience every day. I have no security guards, no convoy cars, no public funds to spend for my daily expenses. I inhale the same polluted air, walk the crooked roads and wipe the same sticky sweat that every hardworking but under-appreciated Filipinos have. I am qualified to be their voice.

OUR VOICE? REALLY? WHY SHOULD YOU EVEN BOTHER? Because if we continue our apathy, we may not have the future that our forefathers fought for so dearly.

WHY DON’T YOU JUST HELP IN PRIVATE? That’s what I have been doing for almost ten years. I kept my hope in our leaders that they may deliver on their promises. So far, prices kept soaring, commodities are apparently dwindling, minimum wage is already useless and fear instead of hope lingers on the street.

OK. GIMME A RUN DOWN OF THE KEY AREAS YOU ARE REFERRING TO? I’m referring to Biohealth, Agriculture and Education. These are the key areas with long term impact and effect.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY LONG TERM IMPACT AND EFFECT? When these areas are improved, they have sustainable development potentials, which would trigger over-all development–in economy, peace and order. There is nothing, which these three, combined, could not solve.

OH.. BIG WORDS. WHAT ABOUT SHORT TERM ADVOCACIES? Short term advocacies are useless because time flies very fast. What I have are immediate concern areas, which require attention as soon as possible.

FINE. WHAT ARE THESE IMMEDIATE CONCERN AREAS? Train and train. We need to re-evaluate and adjust the latest TRAIN law (or what they want to call now as TRABAHO) in order to suit the needs of the people. I understand taxes are the lifeblood of the government and its projects. But, let us not unduly burden the taxpayer with high prices. The other train is the MRT. Thousands of Filipino commuters depend on it. Why not invest on it instead of just temporary adjustments or repair. Housing for the needy but deserving Filipinos is also one of my immediate concerns. The government has many vacant lots within and outside Metro Manila. Why not utilize them to provide decent shelters for Filipinos.

ARE YOU KINDA ALONE IN YOUR THING? I’m with the people. I am neither pro-administration nor against it. The people’s interest is my interest.

WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS EXPENSIVE, DON’T YOU THINK? The future and improvement of the country is worth investing. I may not have the luxury of all the riches but I have the people behind me. We can do this.

HEY. DON’T SHAKE-AND-BAKE ME. WHAT’S THE KEY TO GROW TALL AND BECOME BIG PERSON? Try to digest and understand what everyone is experiencing right now. I said stand tall and fight big. That means together, we can improve our country. No more bullying, no one would be neglected.

SOUNDS LIKE YOU WILL RUN FOR SENATOR NEXT YEAR. We’ll see. If things don’t improve, it’s everyone’s duty to stand tall and fight big for the country.

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